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4.9/5 star reviews

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Frequently Asked Questions

If I register but can't make it will I be able to download the live recording

Yes, the recording will be available if you upgrade or selected an addon like the $69 T-Shirt merch and 3000+ Ai leads in a year training video bonus. Videos are prohibited from downloads legally however you can stream and view them from the portal.

Will this event be available again at a different date

Yes, however, the reruns of this event won't include some of the bonuses like the Ai Blueprint or other face-to-face implementation.

Why would I need to upgrade if I am just watching online

You gain the extra perks and lifetime access to the workshop content bonuses.

Is international shipping available on T-Shirts?

Currently we are experimenting with these options and looking for a solution. Only US shipping is available.

If I don't want the offer where can I login?

You can login at: or you can signup at the HUB and click on courses:

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